Preparing for your Family Session

Preparing for your family session


Schedule your session around naptimes and feeding times. A well-rested, full family makes for a happy family!

Select the style of your photos, keeping in mind the decor of your home. Do you prefer a country setting, or a more urban setting? Is there a place that your family likes to visit? Maybe a pumpkin patch or an ice cream shop?

What to Wear

Avoiding all white or all black outfits and completely matching outfits. Instead, select outfits that compliment one another. Avoid clothing with logos and busy patterns that can be distracting.

Accessorize! Fun boots or shoes, scarves and pops of color can really add to your photos. Pinterest can be a great resource for clothing ideas.

Be sure your clothing is wrinkle free and your hair and nails are well groomed for the session. Make up should be slightly darker than normal for photos. Please do not attempt to cover up acne or scratches with make up. It is much easier to retouch a blemish later in editing than heavy, uneven make up.

What to Bring

Feel free to bring special props with you! Also clean snacks for little ones, or their favorite toys, can be helpful to keep them happy and engaged.

Bring yourself ready for a good time capturing sweet family moments!

Other special session details:

Maternity sessions should be scheduled around 32-36 weeks. Feel free to bring 2-3 clothing changes. Simple is best! When wearing denim, bring pants that can be unbuttoned or unzipped (rather than having an elastic band) for some belly shots!  Be sure to bring and ultrasound picture, baby shoes and clothing and any other items that are meaningful to you.

Clothing changes for younger children (under two) can sometimes be uncomfortable to the child. You know your child best.

A lot of parents worry about the cooperation of their child during a photo shoot. Some of the best photos are of children interacting and playing, rather than sitting still with a forced smile. Be realistic with expectations of small children. Most importantly, try not to get frustrated with them. When sessions get tense–it can be seen in the photographs. Try to relax and make the session a fun and enjoyable session for everyone!